Business Intelligence or BI, is a term one associated with large enterprises up until fairly recently. However, as BI technology has advanced, deployment, licensing, and support options have increased making it more affordable for small and midsized organizations.BI helps decision-makers make more informed decisions and supplies end-users with critical business information on their customers or partners, including information on behaviors and trends.

Regardless of your size, BI solutions offer you benefits like:

  • Sharing of the information efficiently and effectively
  • Empower your teams with access to analytical data
  • Gain insights to understand and analyze your business performance
  • Deliver meaningful analysis and reporting
Our Capabilities

Krome is committed to providing the experience, methodologies and resources required to deliver the BI services that exceed our client’s expectations.

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Development
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (BI Apps) Install and Deploy

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