Today, schedules are getting increasingly busier by the day, putting a real premium on our time. And yet, we need to find that extra half hour, out of the day. That is where handhelds come into picture: while travelling, during a coffee break, why, even those 10 minutes before you nod off, when you’re just not in a mood to boot your laptop. But in all these situations mobile based learning can provide just the answer you were looking for!


We develop effective mobile learning solutions to help your mobile work force, learn while on the move. They typically can be short courses to help summarize a classroom or e-learning session. Courses will be developed using HTML 5, which can be also integrated with your existing LMS, to help you track your learner’s progress. They can run on an iPhone/iPad or Android tablets.

Short Courses:

Reinforcement of knowledge is something companies world over are looking for. A Smartphone is all you need to do that effectively.Our Instructional Designers understand very well how learning objectives can be achieved on a smaller screen and in a shorter span. We design short courses, refresher tips and even quizzes for Blackberry, Android and iPhone/iPad.


Games are proving to be very useful for small assessments,evaluation and organizational opinion polls. We can assist you in designing and deploying those on your smart phone.

Smart Applications:

Be it an application to track sales performance, to build a training calendar or a simple attendance sheet. We can build custom native and web apps that work and sync well with your legacy systems and give a smooth user experience.

And,that’s not all. Apart from mobile learning, we can also convert interactive flash applications and eLearning courses to iPad and iPhone.Be it your legacy flash interactive content, games, quizzes or high end interactive animations, our team can port it all on to your iPad / iPhone. We also have the ability to convert Articulate and Captivate courses to iPad and iPhone.

So give us a shout and we’ll be more than happy to drum up something that’ll go a long way in helping you get that chin up you were looking for.